Nazlı Işıldak – Piano


Nazlı Işıldak was born in Erzurum in 1981. She was a student of Prof. Ayşe Savaşır at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory where she was accepted in 1990. She studied with pianist and composer Mehmet Okonşar during her major. After her graduation in 2000, following the advice of Okonşar, she took the exams for Rotterdam Conservatory in Holland, and she was accepted to the class of world-renowned piano pedagogue Akhiles Delle-Vigne. In 2004, she successfully graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory, where she had received government scholarship by the Turkish Ministry of Culture, in Istemihan Kalay’s term of ministry. During the same period, she studied piano and chamber music at “La Petite Chapelle d’Argenteuil” with pianist Muhittin Dürrüoğlu, who lived in Brussels. Following 2004, she began her master’s degree studies at Tilburg, and studied with Jan Gruithuizen and Jelena Bazova. She completed her master’s degree and received her certification as a “concertist” in 2007. Nazlı Işıldak was awarded the “Rotary Special Prize” in 1994, and the “First Prize” in 1995 at the “Child Prodigy Talent Competition” held by Kavaklıdere Rotary Club. She made various records for Turkish Radio Television TRT after these competitions. She played at the “Hugo Wolf Project” following her piano and vocal study with Meinard Kraak and Roger Braun in 2003. She attended the masterclasses of chamber music by Jerrold Rubinstein in Brussels, and solo piano by Akhiles Delle-Vigne at Salzburg Mozarteum Academy. Having a particular interest in contemporary music and Turkish composers, she predominantly featured the works of such composers in her concerts. In many of the concerts she gave with the duos she formed with Dutch clarinetist Christa Giesbers and baritone Sinan Vural, she played the works of Ahmet Adnan Saygun and Ulvi Cemal Erkin for the first time in Holland, along with the works of contemporary Dutch composers. During these years, she participated in the project of “Rewriting Turkish Traditions – European Contemporary Composers and Traditional Music of Turkey” in Holland. Nazlı Işıldak had been supported by Sanko Holding throughout her master’s education. Following her return to Turkey, Işıldak began to teach in I.T.U. Turkish Music State Conservatory. She has been giving piano lessons in the Andantino Music House, which she founded in 2010. As of 2011, Işıldak has been giving concerts with Esra Berkman as a member of Kanun-Piano Duo.